Saturday, December 18, 2010

CSN Stores: for all your shopping (and baby!) needs

With a ten month old crawling all over the place, it's been so convenient to do most of my holiday shopping online this year.  Of course, I had about fifty different log in names and passwords (and my cc info) out there...
 which is why I love the idea of being able to shop for everything I need in one place, a convenience that CSN stores provides!  At CSN you can find counter height stools for your kitchen, a rug for your living room, a variety of convertible cribs for your nursery and MUCH MUCH more!  CSN combines over 200 stores with everything from housewares to fitness gear to shoes.

Why am I telling you this?  We're excited to be partnering with CSN for an upcoming review and giveaway.  Would you like the chance to win free money to spend at CSN on whatever you want?  Yes, we thought you might. ;)

So stay tuned...and check out in the meantime for all of your online shopping needs.