Friday, December 16, 2011

What Lyla's Been Up To...

Lyla looked extra spiffy yesterday in her little outfit and I grabbed my camera, as usual, and began snapping an abundance of photos.  Looking through these pictures, versus the last batch I took (a week ago maybe?) I realized she is changing and learning at warp speed these days!  Here's what little Lyla has been up to lately:  (a couple things:  1. yep, my house is a mess.  there's no point in putting the toys away because they literally come right back out as soon as I clean them up.  2.  I realize some of these photos are out of focus..this girl is hard to capture because she is on the move so much now!)

Happy Friday!
Jayme (& Lyla)


Amrita said...

So sweet ! She looks SO much like you in the 2nd pic ! xo