Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lyla Georgette {10 months}

Okay. This one's a little tougher than the last nine months. 10 months? Really little Lyla? How are you two months away from your first birthday?? I wake up every morning excited to see Lyla practice all her "tricks" and learn new things. She's a little sponge, this one. She will pretty much try anything you show her to do or tell her to say. Last week when Andrew left for work he blew her a kiss and she responded immediately by putting her hand to her mouth and then facing out, wave-style. Her words include: mama, dada, papa (my dad's version of 'grandpa'), baby. Her sort-of words (which she attempts but are questionable...):
 Lyla --"Yai, Ya"
Aurora----if we say "Aurora?" She repeats back three syllables.
Fie--for our dog, Sophie
Hi--she repeats back the same tone we say, but the H-sound isn't quite there.

Still not standing on her own. Still no teeth. LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. As I type this she is laying on the floor watching it. This is unheard of! Normally this baby does NOT stop moving. Great mom, right? Well, considering I don't have her "nap time" for me-time (yep, still holding her for naps...) I am giving myself this leeway.

All summer Lyla and I would walk through this park on our morning stroll. We would see little kids playing and swinging and I would whisper to her "Someday you'll be big enough to play here. Pretty soon you'll be able to swing too." Well, last week we took her to play on the swings. Gosh, time moves so fast these days.


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